Wednesday, 8 January 2014

first day back

Hello:) So I know I have said this a million times in my last blog posts, but here we go again: sorry for my absence! I had a good excuse though, my camera wasnt able to take photos, therefore I had to get it fixed. It's all done now and ready to take pics, so am I. Starting from today, I'll try to pay more attention to my blog and try not to over think my posts and just post what I want, I hope that you will like it:) 
Yesterday was the first day back to school (shoot me now!) but it turned into a happy day for me, just because I got to meet my amazing friends. Guess where we went for lunch? Coffee lounge as usual and I couldn't resist not taking some pics. 
beautiful Brigita
selfie time haha
 I had a bagle with cream cheese, bacon and chicken - one of the best! 
 I'm really saddened by how hard it is to take outfit photos when it's cold. I shouldn't be complaining though, the weather here is great for January, it's very surprising and of course nice. 
This was my outfit yesterday, I only had this jacket and I still felt warm, at least most of the time hehe.

see you soon x 


  1. Your photos are soooo lovely..the editing & lighting is perfect. Exited to see more of your outfits, keep it going love your blog! X

  2. omg i love your photos and outfits *o* xxxxx from portugal

  3. literally love your blog.
    your pictures and outfits are perfect. i wish i was as skinny as you!!

  4. I always love your photos :)

  5. how did you do your blog title anna ? :) x


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