Wednesday, 20 November 2013

walking on a dream

 Tuesday I went to this cosy cafe, coffee lounge, in Luxembourg city, I love it there so much! I honestly  think it's impossible to not have great time there. It's so cute and a nice place for meeting up with friends that you need to catch up with :) 
 it was so good and it was pretty healthy too
 I wore one of my autumn favorites - my leather leggings! 
 This week has been so great, it's my best friends birthday tomorrow and I am so excited :) 

p.s - would you like me to post something about what I eat, healthy food? let me know in the comment x 


  1. yes, i'd love to see what kind of foods you eat! x

  2. Loved this post Anna! Your style is on point and I'd love to see a post about all the healthy food you like xxx
    Cheers from another blogger

  3. oh yes, i'd loved that :D

  4. Yes! Loved this post :) You should do an outfit of the week series, your clothes are amazing!

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  6. I'd love to see what you eat xx please blog sth about that x

  7. hi! it would be great and really cool! Your blog is perff and a great inspiration! Love you <3

  8. You are so beautiful! I love your blog, keep doing :) (sorry for my english i'm french so) xx

  9. Anna! Do you live in Luxembourg? I mean, I though, you lived in Latvia! Did you move or what? Just wondering!!) Thanks xx


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