Sunday, 24 November 2013

How to start a healthy lifestyle + lose weight.

Hey, all of you said yes to me posting about what I eat everyday, so here's a little list of things you guys should eat everyday :) Your goal is to not over eat and eat every 2-4 hours small portions of food to keep your metabolism busy so you lose more weight and faster.
 Carbohydrates = pasta, bread, sugary cereal, candy, pizza and french fries (now these are the foods you need to avoid) but you still need carbohydrates for your body to have energy, but you must limit the amount of carbohydrates you intake and there are more healthy carbohydrates you can eat, which I will show you in a second.
Protein = eggs, cottage cheese, fish, nuts. You need protein to build muscle and the more muscle you have, the more fat it burns for you. So technically you need to eat more so your body has fuel (?) to build muscles. It is harder to lose weight if you starve yourself ( you shouldn't even be thinking about starving yourself, it doesnt work and you're ruining your body and life
Fat = the only healthy fat I can think of at the moment is avocado.
Dairy = low fat milk, little sugar yoghurt (such as greek yoghurt)
Veggies = tomatos, carrots, pepper
Fruit (best to eat in the morning) = blueberries, oranges, apples
If you're addicted to carbohydrates (i mean you like that kind of food too much to stop eating it) then don't, but eat it in a healthier form. For example if you want to be healthy and lose weight you have to AVOID: white bread, white pasta, mayonnaise, no salt etc. 
Instead eat brown pasta, brown bread and use brown sugar. There is an alternative for everything! 
 Soya milk has so much protein it's crazy! Since protein is really good for you this is perfect for you. 
 Chicken and turkey breast are high in protein and taste really good too in my opinion. Shrimp I am not sure what good substances it has, but it's low in calories and it tastes good when cooked! Meat I am also not sure about, but it's good to eat it once in a while because it gives you energy. 
 Cottage cheese and eggs are high in protein as well! 
Salmon has very much protein too, since it's fish. (Notice how I'm eating it with brown bread)
If you want to lose weight it is best to not eat after 7PM because its best to not make your stomach digest a lot of heavy food before you go to sleep)
Green tea is so good for your body if you want to burn fat and also it is very good for your health!
If you want to lose weight then remember you're not going to get slimmer by just eating healthy, unfortunately. So you need to exercise! You can go swimming, running, do aerobics, bike riding and all other cardio workouts. Just remember to push yourself, because when you feel like you cant do any more, you're, in fact, burning most fat. Try to exercise 3 times a week for 40 minutes at least (if you hate exercise then start slowly by doing exercise 2 times per week and for less time)
Remember that the number on your weights does not define how slim you are. Muscles weigh a lot so if you're gaining muscle (which is a good thing) then you will get heavier. It is best to measure yourself if you are interested to see if you have made progress. 
Always drink water! I believe that cold water from the freezer speeds your metabolism, which is your goal if you want to lose weight faster. You may also add lemon to your water to make it more healthy haha.
Make sure you make yourself a goal. Why do you want to be healthy and slim? If you don't have a goal, it's only going to be harder. It's okay to sometimes spoil yourself with pizza or something in the weekend but only sometimes. The most important thing you have to cut out of your diet is alcohol. Alcohol has loads of calories and it's best if you avoid it. 

Let me know if this post helped you and if you want to know something else :) x 


  1. That helped a lot! I'm gonna give it a try! :)x

  2. hello, i just wanted to know how you made that header? its so beautiful! also i drink green smoothies in the morning, is that good?

    1. if the smoothies are full of fruit then yes I think so! I made my header with photoshop :) x

  3. i stopped eating white bread three years ago and i feel alot better, so I absolutely agree) and i need to try out those soya-milk drinks!

  4. your post help me a lot because i'm starting a new diet to get slim and now i know what to eat! thank u so much, love you <3

  5. I'm glad that you made this post because I am starting to live a more healthier lifestyle. I really appreciate this! Thank you for sharing :) xo

  6. This was so helpful Anna! Thank you so much x

  7. thank you for this! :) and i was wondering, do you count calories? and how long have you been doing this? did it work?? sorry I'm probably getting annoying :/ anyway i love your blog so much, the photography is amazing <333 keep posting xx thank you so much Anna <333

    1. I've been doing this for like 2 or three months, it does work, atleast for me! :) and no, i dont count calories. thanks lovely, i appreciate it x

  8. This is going to help me so much, Anna! Thank you! Keep posting cause you're amazing! ~V x

  9. Thanks for that!!! :) Could you please tell, what do you eat before and after workout? Thank you)


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