Friday, 28 March 2014

aspire not to have more but be more

Hey guys, I hope you're just as hyped and happy about it being Friday as me:) The weather here was just perfect and I'm mostly happy about it, because it just happened to be a Friday haha, so to enjoy the warm weather me and my friend went cruising around town with our longboards.
my longboarding buddy!
I just couldn't waste a chance of good lighting
 After school me and my friend grabbed some coffee and food, which was just the cherry on top :)
This photo has a funny story. I was sitting on the ground, taking this photo, and a man came up to me and offered me money thinking I was a hobo. My reaction was just blank, I was like is this really happening? It turned out the guy actually meant it as a joke, but he was so good at acting I believed it! We had a good laugh at the end :) 
Oh and I also met this cupcake while cruising, I find it to be so exciting to unexpectedly meet your friends in town haha

 sunny Luxembourg
 While driving to one spot of ours, a guy asked me if he could take a few photos of me for his blog, I was really flattered and happy, I mean who wouldn't be right? Anyway, he was from Paris and really nice, we exchanged with each other blog links and I drove off with a big smile on my face:) 
see you and have a lovely weekend x 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


The other day I had a great lunch with my friend, who I want to thank for taking these pictures too! The weather here has been a bit odd and by that I mean changing all of the time, so in some what way I feel as if its making me more tired, but Im quite sure that is another excuse for my laziness haha. Back to my lunch,   I took these photos near my house in thoughts of later spending the rest of our lunch there, but then I remembered I forgot my keys in the morning and it's amazing how many times this has happened, but I just won't learn. In this case, it was a good thing I forgot my keys, me and my friend went to town and grabbed some coffee and that was enough to have a wonderful lunch. 
 This was my outfit that day, I was so excited to wear this shirt because I love the pattern of it, even though it's so simple! I got it from my friend as a present:) 
 Cardigan-Bik Bok, Jeans - Topshop, Necklace-Primark!
 This was my bag of the day (I have so many bags I get excited when I have to pick which one to take with me for the day hehe). This lovely I bought at the 1975 concert and I will add, for only 10e. I was so happy about the good deal, because 1) items at concerts usually cost around 20e 2) I couldn't have afforded to buy a more expensive one, me and my friends had already wasted our money on drinks and food haha..
 I love how comfy these type of bags are though. If you don't have one, get one! Everything always fits in them, but when it doesn't, frankly I'm always quite surprised
 happy Anna
 Lunch was wonderful, or maybe it's just my big love for toasted sandwiches.. 
 This is the lovely coffee shop I told you about ! 
It was so nice to sit there, in the sun, and enjoy your surroundings:) 
see you soon lovely readers xx

Monday, 24 March 2014

high as the clouds

These photos were fun to take! They're quite old so I have nothing interesting nor rememberable to tell you sadly.. Oh and I just understood I have two bad things to tell you guys, I cracked my phones screen like 2 weeks ago and now I'm getting it fixed, but it'll probably take a week or so. Hopefully one of my friends will let me use their phone :) Until then I will be posting here mostly, this is great because now my only source for photography is my camera I guess haha. See you soon x

Friday, 21 March 2014

plant your own garden

My attempt to take photos today was a success and at the same time a fail. I tried and had the motivation, which I guess is a good thing, but the wind and weather today is just terrible over here. It's so weird how the weather can change so dramatically, I don't think I'll ever get used to that haha
Everything's blooming, but the bad weather is ruining it all, including the quality of my attempted photos of the lovely flowers.
Tomorrow I have a few friends coming over to my little get together and I can't wait to take photos for you guys haha!  See you x 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

listen to your body, ignore people, talk to plants.

Hello dear readers, I am back and I'm not even going to explain for the 23434 time why I can't get myself to post here without long absence breaks - I'm just lazy. I'm in the process of trying to overcome that now, since I hit 100k followers on Instagram recently (thank you guys soso much) I want to begin paying more attention to instagram and my blog, you know it's so much harder to blog than post photos on instagram in my opinion and I want a challenge(: 
Today I got woken up by the lovely sun outside
I'm sick, so I didn't go to school today. It was nice having a day to clear my head and take a break from reality, because lately I've been kind of busy (reason why I wasn't so active on Instagram at one point!)
I suck at drawing I know, but in my opinion everyone should draw/sketch, it doesn't even matter what. I find it very calming:) 
I decorated my house, because I'm having a little small get together this weekend with my friends for reaching 100k on instagram and it would also count as my birthday party, since it's kinda near and my friend, who moved away last year, is visiting now so it's perfect timing(: 
 I started reading the classic Lolita 
Later today I got myself to get out of the house and I'm glad I did, I was shocked by how warm it is when I got out, I felt so bad about staying home the whole day *sigh*
I know I've been updating my blog like once a month and it's really annoying, but I want to try to start posting each day even (ok that might be a bit extreme!) but I'm about to make a few changes to my life and I'm in hopes of having more time and motivation to take photos. See you x 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

in a world of our own

Long time, no see! I haven't been posting for so long, because life's been interesting the past month and it's not easy to make enough time for school, instagram, exercising, friends, my blog and many other stuff all together. Blogging does take up quite some time and so does taking photos with your camera so I always pick the easiest way - my phone. It's quite sad to be honest and I'm disappointed in myself but I decided on my photography plan for when I reach my goal on instagram - 100k :) 
 This photo is ironic considering I just talked about exercising, but it's a rule for me to treat myself once a week. Why not take the advantage of  being young and having a fast metabolism from time to time?;)
 Yesterday was a wonderful day, me and the girls went to town and my friend finally bought a longboard (it is so cool, I will not even begin to explain because I will not be able to stop writing!) Later we grabbed some coffee too and kept on longboarding.
 The weather was horrible yesterday so we had to find a place inside with nice, smooth ground, which we luckily did:) 
 Polaroid of the day! 
I spent my Friday night at home, relaxing, I don't think I would have had the energy to go out, this week has been tiring but in a good way:) I've done a lot of productive things over this week, I hope you have too and that your Friday was just as good xx 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

my polaroid story

The other day I was looking at my wall of polaroids and I couldn't decide which one was my favourite. It's so bizarre that each polaroid from the 57 I have hanging on my wall have a separate and very special meaning to them. 
Polaroids are golden, I think there's something magical how polaroid cameras were invented before digital cameras, in comparison the digital cameras seem meaningless to me. Standing in front of my polaroid collection, I tried to understand which polaroid was my favourite.. the prettiest one or the one with my favourite people?
This is the polaroid that I see most beauty, it was summer and we all were dressed in dresses, swinging towards the blue sky, giggling and not having a care in the world. 
These photos I took on my Paris trip in September where a lot of good things happened, possibly it was the best days in my life. 
 These are the polaroids that were last taken, these two hold lovely memories and I would do anything to go back to that night. 
I was quite surprised with how these weren't my favourite polaroids, since they were taken on the last day of school (do I have to keep explaining?) and the second one I took when we were standing in the school bus stop after our last exam, you can even see a bit of my school in the background. In the first photo we were in a park on the same day, summer afternoon. We were drinking because it was my friends birthday. If you look closely you can see something burning in the middle of the two, that would be my biology and french papers. 
These are polaroids from separate days but with people I love. I have so much love for each photo because I know the laughs and story behind them. 1st photo was taken on a roadtrip to germany in fall, the second one was taken on the same day but we couldn't eat all of the pizza so we gave it to homeless people:) The third photo was taken the day after that when I met my long missed friend who had moved away recently. The fourth photo was taken on a sunny day in fall, which I don't remember much of but I remember we skateboarded and ate a lot of chinese food so it must have been a good day. 
In the end, I understood which polaroid was my personal best. These polaroids were taken in the christmas break this year. I picked the one I was most happy in. I asked myself multiple times, wasn't I happier on the last day of school, then I comprehended the fact that I myself wasn't just because of an event. True happiness doesn't go on for the whole day, at one point you're not smiling anymore, neither are you in your mind. True happiness is a quick moment when you're laughing with good people you've surrounded yourself with, in a safe place, when you catch yourself thinking to yourself I love life after that good laugh. And what I found amazing is how you can capture a person in an image when they're having one of those life moments.